7 of the Best Christmas Trends of 2015

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Did you just wake up yesterday and notice it’s December? Well don’t worry, we got ya covered. Here’s a few tips to get the house ready for a chic and festive Christmas look.

1. Pair Greens and Whites.

It’s all about that Winter Wonderland look. Think Vermont, Spruce trees, and ten-foot deep trenches of snow piles. White stockings and white garlands. Pair the look with cinnamon sticks and hot chocolate mugs awaiting cold hands.


2. Silver accents.

christmas decorations 4College dorm? Stuck spending Christmas away from family? Then do Christmas your way. Silver accents and party colors.

Play with some fuzzy pinks and purples around the dorm with a small silver tree nearby. Guys try out some neon signs; yellows and oranges work well with you. Keep your empty (but thoroughly rinsed and cleaned) liquor bottles on a shelf with Christmas lights tucked inside. Plug the lights in a nearby socket and give your party hotel a look of Christmas.

3. DIY with family and friends.

diy christmas decorationsGet people over to decorate pine cones, acorns, and make some DIY ornaments. It’s a great gift to tuck as a stocking stuffer. Crayon melted Christmas bulbs are the ticket. Grab a few of your child’s broken crayons, peal off the paper, insert into a glass bulb, and apply a warm heat. It helps to use your blow dryer and to rotate the crayons as they begin to melt, covering all surface areas. Use heat source no less than 6 inches from bulb.[claerfix]

4. Organic looks and bearded men.

Guys are trending pretty hot right now with thick wooly beards. Why not let them embrace their inner woodsman and carve out a wooden ornament. Repurposed, tree-shaped pallet boards are a nice accent to a natural Christmas look. Browns, forest green, and winter white colors, with real pine, burlap, and organic materials work well here.

5. Replace your poinsettias.

Looking for another flower? Roses are back in demand. It creates a look of sophistication and novelty to floral arrangements this time of the year. Reds and golds work well.

6. Personal touches.

christmas decorations 3Add antiqued, black and white, photos to every shelf and tree. You love your Instagram and filters, so use it! Design photos on your apps, print off with ink-laser print, and transfer images onto a block of wood or frame the photo alone in a matte black frame. Stressed, antique, black and white photos are high on the trend list right now.

7. Scale the dimensions!

Who ever said you needed big and grandiose? Smaller trees give you the opportunity to play with small ornaments and Christmas lights. Small is cute. Bonus – it gives your children a chance to be eye-level with Christmas.

Have fun this holiday season and get to playing with your decorations. Remember to include others and not to fuss. One time honored tradition is the look of chaos. Mix and match your ideas for an overall theme of disorder. Happy Holidays!

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