British Officials Say NO to “Boaty McBoatface”, Will Use Boring Name Instead

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The British Natural Environment Research Council asked the internet to name their new state-of-the-art research vessel.  It’s a $300 million, 129 foot long icebreaker that is the largest and most advanced British research vessel to date.  The Huffington Post UK Edition reports that the after the poll closed last weekend the “runaway winner Boaty McBoatface notching up 124,000 votes – four times its closest rival.”

Now, here is where the controversy begins.  They go on to report:


Rejoicing at the strength of people power? Don’t get too excited – those dreams could soon be dead in the water.

After the Natural Research Council were forced to advise people the final decision would be made by a panel, not by the number of votes, the government’s science minister this morning sunk hopes that the people’s democratic right to choose would trump Britain becoming the embarrassment of its naval allies.

Jo Johnson suggested the winning title would not be “suitable”.

The man who will have the final say on the boat’s name deflected a barrage of questions on his happiness to refute the public’s will, insisting instead that he was “thinking very hard” about all 7,000 suggestions.

“Some were more suitable than others,” he said ominously.

The Government has decided Boaty McBoatface isn’t a suitable name; this from the people happy to call a random amount the “Living Wage”

Boaty’s name was first floated by former BBC radio presenter James Hand, who has since apologized and said the storm it created had “legs of its own”.

He said that while he stands by it as a “brilliant name” for a boat, he actually voted for RRS David Attenborough to be the new name instead.

The final five with their final vote count were:

RRS Boaty McBoatface – 124,109

RRS Poppy-Mai – 34,371

RRS Henry Worsley – 15,231

RRS It’s bloody cold here – 10,679

RRS David Attenborough – 10,284

Some of the more unusual suggestions included: RRS Onion Knight, RRS I Like Big Boats & I Cannot Lie, and RRS Capt’n Birdseye Get Off My Cod.

The RRS Bowie, RRS Kanye West and RRS The Miss Cilla Black were also floated as possible names.



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