Celebrity chef teaches students culinary tricks of the trade

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Source: ditlo.com

You may know Marcus Samuelsson from his restaurants in New York City, one of his award-winning cookbooks, or even his appearances on Food Network.  He is an advisor to The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City and gives back to his community by spending time and teaching budding chefs some new tips and techniques.

According to PIX 11 News Samuelsson said, “Nothing makes me happier than to see young cooks that just gravitate towards the industry.”



Twenty students are taking part in a 10-week after school program at the Academy for Hospitality and Tourism on the Erasmus High School campus in Flatbush. The program aims to teach everything from kitchen safety to life skills said PIX 11 News.

Three years ago the teaching kitchen on the Erasmus campus was shut down due to a lack of funding. Non-profit Careers through Culinary Arts worked with the Department of education to refurbish the kitchen and launch the new program.

Twelfth grade student Horace Simmonds was delighted to learn from Samuelsson and appreciated the opportunity to expand his knowledge of the culinary arts.

“I want to really give it my all, show that I have a skill that I’m proud of,” he said.

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