The Film Crew Was Tracking A Grouper – What They Found Instead Was Incredible!

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According to the New York Post, Jeremy Wade and his “River Monsters” crew came upon something far more shocking than a big fish on one of their recent expeditions — a castaway near death.




The popular Animal Planet show was filming near a remote group of islands 60 miles off the coast of Australia, trying to track down a Queensland grouper, when they encountered a fisherman who had gotten separated from his boat and was marooned on a small, uninhabited island

As seen in the episode that aired last week (Thursdays at 10 p.m.), the man was disoriented after being stranded without water or shelter in the 110-degree heat.

The man named Tremine was quickly helped by the film crew and was taken back to their lodge for additional medical attention. He was able to make a quick recovery and was able to head home the next day.

While the episode was filmed last November, Shearman says the “River Monsters” crew has stayed in touch with Tremine and learned that after his brush with death, he made an unusual life change — he resolved to take up smoking again.

“He’s given up smoking, but he’s promised God he’s going to start smoking again,” Shearman told, laughing. “If he had a lighter, he’d be able to cook, and he’d have a fire.”

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