Your Favorite Characters from Friends – Where Are They Now? #13 is Incredible!

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Source: Theoydysseyonline.com

Source: Theoydysseyonline.com

1. The ever-busy, non-stop Rachel Green: Ms. Jennifer Aniston

It’s more like, what hasn’t this woman accomplished since the show’s end? To the movies she went. In 2003, she took a lead role in Bruce Almighty, 2006, it was The Breakup, 2008, Aniston made us cry in Marley & Me, 2011, she brought us the laugh riot Horrible Bosses, and in 2013, it was We’re the Millers.

Each of these movies grossed over $200 million dollars in worldwide receipts.

Aside from her multi-award nominated film career, particularly for her role in Cake, where the laughs sat on the sidelines and the drama filled the stage, she’s been the spokeswoman for Aveeno since January, 2013 and Emirates Airline since 2015. She’s released numerous product lines including: Perfumes, and her own brand of water.

The woman is accomplished. Just know that. There’s too much to list attesting to her greatness.

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