How to Repurpose Christmas Decorations

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At the end of the Holiday Season, too many of us have a drained bank account and too many Christmas ornaments. It would be nice to switch it up a bit and decorate the house; but that isn’t happening. Or could it?


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Clear or glass bulb ornaments can be strung up for the look of a makeshift chandelier. Remove hooks and wrap/tie and string sturdy twine through the top of the bulb where the hook was initially kept. The more and messier, the better the look. Once you have anywhere between 40 and 50 bulbs of varying lengths, affix the bulbs’ strings to track lighting fixtures or ceiling rungs. If neither of these options are available tie strings to tack nails or pushpins and affix to the ceiling in a close-knit fashion. If near a single lighting source this scatters lights creating a lovely warm ambiance.

Jewelry ideas

Did any of your Christmas lights go out this year? If you have small enough light bulbs, remove them from their sockets and hot glue into metal earring ornaments. Wrap some pliable metal around each and turn these pieces into necklaces, and bracelets to regift for approaching birthdays, or just a new gift giving opportunity.

Treat those bulbs as if they were Easter eggs!Easter tree

Remaining cinnamon sticks or twig decorations from your tree or planter, can be added to a pastel colored vase and adorned with newly colored Christmas bulbs. Remove your bulbs and add glittered spray paint to the outside in a mix of pastel colors. Hang from twigs in pastel colored vase, for a simple Easter tree. Give your house a new look awaiting the Easter season.

Invite the girls over for a mosaic night

This happens to be my personal favorite. Remove any glass ornaments and place them in a large, high-brimmed contained. Cover your workspace with plastic or work on tile, cement, any place where you can sweep up afterward. Grab some protective eye-wear.

Arrange colored bulbs according to separate color, cover ornaments, and smash. For larger pieces, strike your object gently. Use glass cutters to arrange for smaller pieces. Mosaics can be covered with a Glass Matte seal (a thick clear-drying paste sealing the work).

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