How to Insult a Kitten by Channing Tatum

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Last week Channing Tatum, starring in Tarantino’s newest film the Hateful Eight releasing Christmas Day, 2015, insulted a kitten on Jimmy Kimmel Live!.


The clip began with a nonchalant, cavalier Tatum strolling onto a fluffy pink and white set with hearts dancing on a backdrop. Flopping down in a chair and waiting for an adorable domestic short-hair to look at him, he fires, “You’re such a piece of s**t.”

A one-on-one mano a mano began between the two. “Dude, you eat out your a**hole, every single day. All day long.”

When the kitten seemed unfazed with Tatum’s taunts he tried a bullying tactic. Flexing his jaw muscles and puffing up his shirt, Tatum tried again, “Hey kitten, you smell like garbage and fish, bro.”

Tatum continued to play with the kitten. He tried, unsuccessfully, to imitate the adorable little fellow making a sound similar to that of a gasping overweight asthmatic.

“You know what sucks about you,” Tatum began, barely able to withhold his own giggles, “you don’t have thumbs, dude. That sucks for you. I got thumbs; they’re right where my middle fingers are.” He then proceeds to flip the unobtainable bird to the fluffy kitten.

Straight talk again. “Look dude, you sh** in a box.”

Two more insults followed, but it’s up to you to take a look. Spoiler alert: Tatum successfully pushed the cat over the edge and the video ends with Tatum being mauled by this small lion.

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