James Corden parodies Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, and It’s Awesome

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Source: CBS/HBO

So you’ve probably heard of Beyonce’s latest work – the visual album “Lemonade”. Oh, you have’t? Then you better check it out. According to The Guardian, the album’s become a pop culture phenomenon.

It’s a celebrity gossip story; it’s a music business story; it’s a story about the ascendency of African American women in the American psyche; it’s a story about artists of African origin; it’s a story about southern black women; it’s a story about feminism and womanism and – inevitably, annoyingly – who gets to call themselves a feminist; it’s another story about the power of social media to connect us and create cultural moments.


It didn’t take long for James Corden, host of CBS’s Late Late Show with James Corden to make a parody of the pop culture powerhouse. Behold, “Lemonjames: A Visual Monlogue”

He’s copied the work perfectly – just check out some of the striking shots from the video:

Source: CBS /HBO

Source: CBS /HBO

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