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Source: amp.cbslocal.com

Source: amp.cbslocal.com

With the splitting of One Direction, young girls need a new heart throb. And that may end up being 5SOS (Five Seconds of Summer).

It makes sense the hashtag #JetBlackHeartMusicVideo is a viral trend at the moment. You have been warned: Grab a box of Kleenex if you’re going to watch the video or read some of the comments. People are tearing up.


Their newest release off the album Sounds Good Feels Good, Jet Black Heart, is all too cryptic and needs a bit of translating. The members decided to do something fun with this song by inviting some of their fans to lip sync along with the lyrics. The message the boys are trying to convey is simply one of love. Screwing it up with mistakes, but asking for forgiveness to do it all over again.

Typical boy-band stuff.

The song is currently holding the 95th spot on The Hot 100 Billboard Charts. And is nearing the halfway mark to 1 million views on YouTube.

Enjoy your moment guys. Let’s see where the next video takes you.

Don’t worry One Direction fans. Rumor has it, the members are open to a reunion tour in 2016.

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