Report: Legendary Pop Star Prince Found Dead at Minnesota Home

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We just can’t believe it! The following is being reported by ABC15 Arizona

Legendary singer Prince has died.


The 57-year-old singer was found dead at his home in Minnesota on Thursday morning, TMZ first reported.

The news was shortly confirmed by his publicist via the Associated Press.

Last Friday, Prince’s jet was forced to make a medical emergency landing in Illinois, but the singer played at a concert the following day, according to the TMZ report. He reportedly had the flu.

Star are also beginning to react and taking to twitter to express there emotion for the performer (via Gossipcop).

Katy Perry tweeted, “And just like that…the world lost a lot of magic  Rest in peace Prince! Thanks for giving us so much.” Along with crying emojis, Demi Lovato wrote, “Omg. RIP Prince.” She added, “This f***ing sucks… Prince on repeat all day. Just like I did with Michael and Whitney.” Kevin Jonas said, “If the news about prince is true it will be a terrible loss of such an amazing music legend and icon.”

Melissa Joan Hart similarly expressed, “Is it true? Is #Prince gone? #RIP.” Justin Timberlake said, “Numb. Stunned. This can’t be real.” Billy Idol tweeted, “Oh my god I can’t believe that Prince has died…he was a great great talent…RIP.” And Jay Pharaoh noted, “So Prince and Chyna die in the same day NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My heart is hurting.”

Michael Keaton, who starred in the 1989 Batman film for which Prince composed the album, said, “No one, no one, no one like Prince. Incomparable.” Lindsay Lohan said, “Thank you #Prince for all of your inspiration and sharing your incredible talents with the world. You will be incredibly missed.” Keith Urban tweeted, “Just heard about Prince. can’t believe it.” Gossip Cop will update as more stars react to Prince’s death.

It’s hard to believe this shocking news.  However, his work will still remain and it has touched many people lives.  I’m sure it will continue to do so.

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