The Art of Random Gifting

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What are the holidays about if not to bring laughter and joy to a friend or family member? Here’s a great selection of some of the top gifts to give a great friend with a bit of a quirky side.

1. Give ’em the gift of embracing their inner geek with


Interested in a programmable remote controller in the shape of a wand? Shower your Harry Potter friends with a great personal gift while adding to their obsession.

Dads can be hard-to-gift people. Give him a flashback to his youthful days. Hook him up with the leg lamp from A Christmas Story and the DVD to match.

Grab your knitting needles and DIY, or just buy it here; the Star Wars inspired Ewok Knit Hooded Scarf.

My personal favorite of this selection has to be the Holiday Dancing Groot bobble head stocking stuffer. Pair this with the movie, and you’re sure to have a great night with a happy wallet.

2. Gag giftsdancing groot

Why not keep that feeling warm and cozy this year with a pair of homemade loafers? I’m talking about baked loafers. This gift is practical. You can make it their own by using Pumpernickel, Wheat, White, Rye, Italian, or whatever flavor they prefer.

If you make it with dog and cat friendly biscuit and bread recipes, this will be a tasty and encouraged chew item for the pets.

Ugly 3-D sweaters are the thing now. You’re sure to win the prize at your company party with this guy. It’s a A-Reindeer-Ran-Into-Me inspired 3-D sweater.

Have any wine lovers in the family? Give them the gift of never again going without a drink during a social event. It’s a booze belt.

Booze belt3. Personal interest gifts without breaking the bank

What pairs well with photography on crisp mornings when you’re catching the oh-so-right lighting conditions? Answer: Coffee and maybe some seasonal cookies. Check this Lens Cup-themed mug with a built in snack holder for goodies on the go.

Any of your friends need some accessories with their newest gadget, the iWatch? The iPhone bamboo tree case is stylish and pairs well with a manly beard. Bonus! It’s only $25. It works well with a wooden iPhone stand; a really easy gift of only $9.

4. DIY with love

People love food! When in doubt feed ’em. A homemade ice cream sundae gift box is a sure fire way of securing you’ve got a girls’ night secured with that bestie. It’s also an awesome way for kids to go gaga over some sweets. It also checks off the need for another expensive tech toy they may end up forgetting at a later date.

Hand-make “A spoonful of sugar,” and coffee mug with hot chocolate mix labeled medicine, paired with a Mary Poppins DVD. The medicine mug can be done in Sharpie according to these instructions or by going to a Paint-It-Yourself place with a fire-up Kiln for setting ceramics.

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