Republican Frontrunner Donald Trump Receives Praise from Putin

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Source: MSNBC

Friday morning, December 18th, Morning Joe’s host Joe Scarborough, telephoned an interview with Republican candidate Donald Trump. The interview began with a focus on Trump’s acceptance of Russian leader Vladimir Putin’s endorsement given just one day earlier.

Putin had picked up word that Trump would be interested in deeper Russian-US relations and responded in such fashion, “He’s a very flamboyant man, very talented, no doubt about that… he is an absolute leader of the Presidential race, as we see it today.” The following quote came from the Russian President during a 3-hour long, year end conference.


Trump released a statement about the President’s approval, “It’s always a great honor to be so nicely complimented by a man so highly respected within his own country and beyond.” It was with this statement that Scarborough ran with.

Co-host, Mika Brzezinski begin the conversation: “Do you like Vladimir Putin’s comments about you?”

Trump: “Sure, when people call you brilliant, that’s always good. Especially when the person heads up Russia.”

Scarborough takes it from here getting to the heart of the matter: “Well, I mean, he’s also a person that kills journalists, political opponents, and-”

Co-host Willie Guiest interjects, “Invades countries,”

Scarborough continues, “invades countries. Obviously that would be a concern, would it not?”

Trump: “He’s running his country, and at least he’s a leader; unlike what we have in this country.”

(If you listen closely you can hear someone laughing in the background here.)

Scarborough: “Again, he kills journalists that don’t agree with him.”

Trump continues: “Well, I think our country does plenty of killing also Joe…”

The conversation kept winding away at this sticky point. It finally moved on when Scarborough got Trump to agree that killing journalists should be condemned.

Just watch the video to conclude for yourself, how concerned Trump is with Putin’s past political behavior.

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