What is the #WhitesAgainstTrump Movement?

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A movement is brewing. Masses are coming together to team up against injustice; against prejudice; against Donald Trump the leading GOP candidate.


The hashtag #WhitesAgainstTrump is sweeping through the nation. It is uniting blacks, whites, Hispanics, Christians, and Muslims; pretty much anyone anti-trump dogma. It even sparked a new hashtag #WhitesForTrump.

Earlier this week, a protester for the movement #BlackLivesMatter spoke out at a Trump rally in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was met with opposition shown in the video below.

And about ten minutes into the Trump rally, this happens.

— McKay Coppins (@mckaycoppins) December 15, 2015

The video begins in the middle of the scene with the protester sitting on the floor with guards surrounding him, a woman’s voice heard yelling in the background, “Let him get up.” It proceeds with another member calling out, “Light the motherf- on fire,” receiving applause for his comment.

#BlackLivesMatter movement is powerful. It is meant to showcase the wrongs in which our society impinges on select members. It hopes to bring solidarity to voiceless issues. Whenever ugliness is exposed in such a raw format, i.e. blatant racism, it is instinct to lash out with further animosity and anger. It only makes sense for members sharing a commonality with that ugliness to separate themselves; hence the #WhitesAgainstTrump. It gives White Christian Americans a chance to say, that ain’t us.

Trump continues to further unite followers to create anger and mistrust of Muslim Americans. In the below video Muslims and Muslim Americans speak about the GOP presidential debate of December 16th, 2015.

They hit it right on the nose: the discussion with Trump is no longer how to make America great again, it is how to make America white again.

Young Muslim-Americans Weigh in on #GOPDebateYoung American Muslims talk tonight’s #GOPDebate:

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